China’s rapid economic growth over the past thirty years has enabled her to return to the central stage in the world. Understanding the profound implications of a rising China, however, requires more than an investigation of her internal transformation. Instead, the international political, economic, and security implications of the rise of China would reveal more adequately when comparing her behavior to that of other state actors in Asia Pacific. The region is not only the reference group to the rising China, but also the geographic locale where China’s politico-economic power is most palpably felt. This five-year research program gathers authoritative scholars to examine the effects and challenges of the rise of China to the Asia-Pacific region, the global order, and the cross-straits relations.

From 2011 to 2012, the program is divided into the following 4 projects:

1. Theories of New Regionalism. This project looks into the development strategies of new regionalism in the context of China and East Asia.

2. East Asia’s New Economic Order. This project reveals the rise of East Asia’s economy and sub-regionalism, and potential integration and conflict.

3. Studies on the impacts of China's overseas energy investment on local politics and economic development. China has become a net importer of fuel energy since 1993. In 2010, it has grown into the biggest consumer of fuel energy in the world. It implies that China has to increase its overseas investment in energy sector in order to meet the domestic demand, which leads to interdependence between China and its energy investment partners. The local politics and economic development of the partners are hereby expected to be affected by Chinese influence.

4. The Comprehensive Rise of China and the Emergence of India in Asia Geopolitics. This project aims to scrutinize a new phenomenon in the field of International Relations - the rise of India, and its implications for the future. The four pillars of this project are (1) to form a NCCU-based research team; (2) to invite Indian scholars for workshops; (3) to conduct a regular India Forum; and (4) to host an academic conference. The expected output of this project includes one edited book and one to three journal articles in English or Chinese.

Project Introduction (Video)
Bih-Jaw Lin on Top Univ. Project

On Project II: New Economic Order

On Project I: New Regionalism

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Speaker :Dr.Shee Poon Kim(Department of Global Political Economy,Tamkang University)
Moderator:Dr.Lin-jun Wu(IIR)
Topic :The Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) and China-ASEAN Leadership Competition
Date :April 3th,2013(Wed.)12:00-14:00
Location:New Briefing Room, Institute of International Relations
Speaker :Prof. Benjamin J. Cohen
Topic :Power in a Changing World Economy
Date :March 14th, 2013 (Thurs.) 14:00 – 16:00
Location :Room 270103, North Wing, General Building of Colleges
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Hsiang Chun
Researcher, Project IV
Hsin-Chih Chen
Researcher, Project I
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Topic: Peaceable Initiative and Regional Security of East Asia Date: 14 December 2012 (Sat.) 08:30–17:00 Location: International Conference Hall, 5F of General Building of Colleges